Minutes of December 17, 1997 Annual Meeting

On Wednesday, December 17th, 1997 at 6 PM, the SACMARC membership met at the Sizzler's on Harlan Drive in Bellevue. After dinner, at approximately 7:15, the business portion of the meeting was started. All the officers except for Peggy, NØUEA, were present, along with about 25 members and guests. A quorum was determined to be present. Paul, K3FU, presided.

Officer's reports:

President (Paul, K3FU)

Paul gave a summary of the year's accomplishments, including recovery of the two historic callsigns, KØAIR and KØGRL, the operation under the wing of the B-29 "Fifi" in June (thanks to the influence of General Urschler), and operation for the 50th Anniversary USAF QSO Party in September. Paul thanked the officers for their service in the past year, including:

Secretary Ray, N5SEZ
Treasurer Peggy, NØUEA
Property Manager George, KBØZZT

Paul also thanked several members for their notable contributions, including:

John, N4OWG (leadership and organizational advice during club startup, hosting operation of KØAIR at his house for the QSO Party)
Sid, WØWWH (coordinating meeting room reservations and good checking account terms at the Bank of Bellevue)
Clay, WA6LBU (hosting operation of KØGRL at Elkhorn for the QSO Party)
John, NØTJQ (operation at both the B-29 and QSO Party events)

Articles and ByLaws had just finished final review by Brian Zdan, KMØY, but needed some minor changes before being presented to the incorporators for signature. Paul will follow up on this shortly.

Our affiliation with the ARRL has been approved. Nebraska SM Bill, KEØXQ, will attend a future meeting of the SACMARC to present the certificate (Bill wasn't present tonight).

QSL cards will be ordered "shortly" just as soon as Paul can get in touch with Clay, WA6LBU, and get the desired photograph of Elkhorn for the KØGRL QSL (the KØAIR QSL will have the B-29 photograph). Clay wasn't present tonight.

The SAC Museum exhibit project still remains a possibility, but due to staff changes and slipping of the opening date for the new facility, it is on indefinite hold. Sarah McFarland, current Curator (and former docent at the Western Heritage Museum, who worked with Leo Meyerson, WØGFQ, on the radio exhibit there) is the point-of-contact. Paul and the History Committee will continue to work on this and report back on their progress.

Vice President's Report (Steve, KBØMYH)


Treasurer's Report (Paul, K3FU, in Peggy's, NØUEA, absence)

Current account balance is $157.50, all from dues proceeds. There were no expenditures this quarter.

Secretary's Report

Due to technical problems, last meeting's minutes were not available. Minutes for this meeting and last meeting should be available by the March meeting.

Property Manager's Report (George, KBØZZT)

New property has been acquired, including several working antennas. George noted that his overall strategy for property acquisition was that if it worked and if he could easily store it, he would acquire it.

New Business:

New members were recognized at this time.

Paul noted that our event agenda for next year was wide open, and any good ideas would be seriously considered. One possibility would be to put both stations on the air for the Armed Forces Day cross-band tests in May, possibly at the same venues as the 50th Anniversary QSO Party ones (Elkhorn and N4OWG's backyard). Paul will research this.

The following members were nominated, and voted into the following offices by acclimation:

President: Paul, K3FU
Vice President: Sonya, KCØAUL
Treasurer: Peggy, NØUEA
Secretary: Ray, N5SEZ
Property Manager: George, KBØZZT

Sonya, KCØAUL, will join the History Committee (currently consisting of Paul, Steve, and Fred KBØLF).

Mark, KCØASN, offered to begin a newsletter for the club, possibly in the same format as the Bellevue club (electronic distribution where possible). Paul will work with Mark on this item.

Paul reminded everyone that dues were due, would be collectible tonight, and due by the March meeting. Those who joined tonight could have their dues applied either to Charter Membership this year, or regular membership the next year.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8 PM.

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