Minutes of September 17, 1997 Regular Meeting

On Wednesday, September 17th, 1997 at 7:30 PM, the SACMARC met at the Bank of Bellevue, corner of Galvin and Harvell Roads, American Plaza, Bellevue, Nebraska to conduct a regular meeting. All of the officers except for Ray, N5SEZ, were present, along with 5 other members. A quorum was determined to be present. Paul, K3FU, presided.

Officer's reports:

President Paul, K3FU

deferred to old/new business


deferred to History Committee Report

Secretary Ray, N5SEZ

In Ray's absence, Paul read the minutes of the June meeting, which was approved by the membership.

Treasurer Peggy, NØUEA

Our checking account, which was set up by Peggy (with Sid Reade's assistance) at the Bank of Bellevue, has a balance of $117.50. $12.50 in checks are pending deposit.

Property Manager George, KBØZZT

George had acquired some coaxial cable and a speaker on behalf of the club.

Old Business:

ARRL Affilation:

An affilation package, with our current working draft of our Articles and ByLaws, has been submitted to the the ARRL for approval.

USAF 50th Anniversary QSO Party:

Clay, WA6LBU, reported that an operation at the USAF HF Global Communications Network Station at Elkhorn, using the KØGRL callsign, was a go, barring any last-minute military requirements due to the base exercise. Several volunteer operators have been recruited from the local amateur radio community. KØGRL will start operating as soon as the contest starts (0001 UTC Saturday, September 20, 1997).

Paul, reported that the KØAIR callsign will be used at the home of John, N4OWG, using additional volunteer operators, and will commence operation sometime Saturday morning (likely 9 or 10 AM local time).

SAC Museum Project:

A new ad-hoc committee, the History Committee, has been formed to coordinate this project. Members will be Paul K3FU, Steve KBØMYH, and Fred KBØLF. Future reports on this project will be made by this committee.

Paul reported that the Museum Registrar, Fred Poyner, had made a tentative offer of 4,000 square feet in the visiting exhibit gallery from October through December, 1998. To fill that much space will require a signicant amount of volunteers and funding, likely through grants. Paul also reported on his trip to the annual Collins Collectors Association Summer Meet in Cedar Rapids in July. He had met with Rockwell Collins Manager and factory museum Curator Rod Blocksome, KØDAS, as well as Linn County History Center Director Linda Langston. Both had offered lots of good ideas and offers of support for a future exhibit at the SAC Museum. To seriously undertake such a project would likely need at least a dozen volunteers. We currently have three.

Steve, KBØMYH, reported on his recent phone conversation with Retired Colonel Charles Green, which yielded a lot of historical background information. A net of veteran USAF communicators is on 14.287 MHz at 1500 CST Wednesday and Friday. Steve will continue to work with local SAC Communicators Society members for further leads.

New Business:

SACMARC Web Page was announced: http://www.novia.net/~pschleck/sacmarc/


A volunteer editor was solicited for a club newsletter. Such a newsletter would include minutes, announcements of upcoming events, and summaries of past events. No volunteer stepped forward at this time.

Club Liability Insurance:

The corporation should be insured to protect itself from any liability. John noted that liability insurace effectively buys the club a lawyer (as the insurance company's laywers would defend against a claim). The annual premium was estimated to be $320.

Paul offered to match donations towards an insurance fund 1 for 1. Such insurance may be necessary when we start seriously working on the SAC Museum project and apply for grants and solicit equipment donations. A special insurance fund was approved.


John, N4OWG, made certificates for Life Membership for General Habiger and Mrs. Lodge. Certificates of Appreciation for the B-29 event were given to Don Smithey (Omaha Airport Authority Director), Brig. Gen. Reg Urschler (CAF contact), Don and Mildred Freeman (B-29 Crew), and Laura Rosso (OAA Police).

Courtesy Committee:

Sid Reade, WØWWH, volunteered to head a standing Courtesy Committee, funded out of pocket, to extend courtesy (cards, visits) for sick or deceased members. This was approved by the membership.

QSL Cards:

Paul reported that we have two basic options for photo cards: 1000 for $179 or $25 + .25 each. Pictures by Clay of the B-29 and Elkhorn will be used for the KØAIR and KØGRL QSL Cards, respectively. A motion for two photo cards with expense donated by Paul, was approved.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:30 PM.

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