Minutes of December 16, 1998 Annual Meeting

On Wednesday, December 16th, 1998 at 6 PM, the SACMARC membership met at the Sizzler's on Harlan Drive in Bellevue. After dinner, at approximately 7:00, the business portion of the meeting was started. All the officers were present, along with about 15 members and guests. A quorum was determined to be present. Paul, K3FU, presided.

Officer's reports:

President (Paul, K3FU)

Paul gave a summary of the year's accomplishments, including operation of KØAIR for Armed Forces Day in May and operation of KØAIR and KØGRL for the USAF Anniversary QSO Party in September. In particular, both stations placed first in their respective states (Iowa and Nebraska) for the QSO Party. Paul thanked the officers for their service in the past year, including:

Vice President Steve, KBØMYH
Secretary Ray, N5SEZ
Treasurer Peggy, NØUEA
Property Manager George, KBØZZT

Paul also thanked several members for their notable contributions, including:

John, N4OWG (hosting operation of KØAIR at his house for Armed Forces Day in May)
Sid, WØWWH (coordinating meeting room reservations with Great Western Bank, formerly Bank of Bellevue)
Clay, WA6LBU (hosting operation of KØGRL at Elkhorn for the USAF Anniversary QSO Party in September)
Fred, KØFG (hosting operation of KØAIR at his house in Council Bluffs, IA, for the USAF Anniversary QSO Party in September)

QSL cards have finally arrived. Paul will be getting together with the operators at all of our past special events to fill them out and send them to our contacts.

The SAC Museum exhibit project still remains a possibility, but remains on hold. Sarah McFarland, current Curator (and former docent at the Western Heritage Museum, who worked with Leo Meyerson, WØGFQ, on the radio exhibit there), and Director Wayne Schmidt, are the current points-of-contact. Paul and the History Committee will continue to work on this and report back on their progress.

Treasurer's Report (Paul, K3FU, in the absence of a Treasurer)

Current account balance is $237.50, all from dues proceeds. There were no expenditures this quarter (or since the inception of the club in June of 1997, for that matter).

Secretary's Report (Ray, N5SEZ)

Due to technical problems, the last two meeting's minutes were not available. Minutes for this meeting and last meeting should be available by the March meeting.

New Business:

Paul noted that our event agenda for next year was wide open, and any good ideas would be seriously considered. We will almost certainly operate again for Armed Forces Day in May, and the USAF Anniversary QSO Party in September. The latter operation may occur at the SAC Museum at Ashland. Paul has already sent a letter to Museum Director Wayne Schmidt, and will follow up again shortly to confirm.

The following members were nominated, and voted into the following offices by acclimation:

President: Clay, WA6LBU
Vice President: Paul, K3FU
Secretary: Sonya, KCØAUL
Treasurer: John, N4OWG
Property Manager: George, KBØZZT

Paul reminded everyone that dues were due, would be collectible tonight, and due by the March meeting.

Paul handed the meeting over to newly-elected President Clay, WA6LBU, who then asked for a successful motion for adjournment at approximately 7:30 PM.

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