Minutes of February 12, 1998 Board Meeting

On Thursday, February 12th, 1998 at approximately 6:30 PM, the SACMARC met at the Bank of Bellevue, corner of Galvin and Harvell Roads, American Plaza, Bellevue, Nebraska to conduct an emergency board meeting to accept the resignation of Treasurer Peggy Mullaly-Quijas, NØUEA. Peggy and President Paul Schleck, K3FU were present, in addition to 5 other members and a guest. A quorum was determined to be present. Paul, K3FU, presided.

New Business:

Peggy is leaving the area to accept a promotion to Director of the University of Missouri, Kansas City library. The position of Treasurer will now be open and a new candidate will be sought at the next regular meeting in March. The club will also need to update its signature cards at the bank and update the mailing address to the P.O. Box address.

Peggy handed over all club records in her possession, including an electronic copy of our financial records (in M.S. Money 4.0 format), our IRS Taxpayer ID number, all KØAIR and KØGRL special event logs, membership applications, deposit slips and bank statements. In her final Treasurer's report, she reported that the club's checking account balance was $230.75.

An Audit Committee, consisting of John Sheffield N4OWG, Frank Taylor AAØZP, and Carl Quijas WBØTUE (with guest Stephanie Taylor as an observer) inspected Peggy's financial records and found that they contained no errors. A written and signed report was prepared by the Audit Committee and submitted to the Board for inclusion in the club's financial records.

The board thanked Peggy for her service over the past year.

After some brief discussion about upcoming events, including the next regular meeting on March 18, 1998, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:15 PM.

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