Minutes of March 18, 1998 Regular Meeting

On Wednesday, March 18th, 1998 at 7:30 PM, the SACMARC met at the Bank of Bellevue, corner of Galvin and Harvell Roads, American Plaza, Bellevue, Nebraska to conduct a regular meeting. Officers present included Paul, K3FU, Sonya, KCØAUL, and George, KBØZZT, along with 6 other members. Ray, N5SEZ, was absent. A quorum was determined to be present. Paul, K3FU, presided.

Officer's reports:

President Paul, K3FU

deferred to old/new business


deferred to old/new business

Secretary Ray, N5SEZ

In Ray's absence, Paul read the minutes of the September and December regular meetings, which were approved by the membership. Paul also read the minutes of the February Board Meeting minutes, which were approved by the board.


In the absence of a Treasurer, Paul reported our checking account balance as $237.50. He also noted Peggy's resignation at the last Board meeting to accept a position as Library Director at UMKC, and that an audit committee had found no errors in her financial records.

Property Manager George, KBØZZT

George reported no changes to our property holdings.

Committee Reports:


Paul reported that our SAC Museum project continued to be on hold awaiting the opening of the new Museum and the Curator Sarah McFarland getting back with us. Paul will update his contacts (including Rod Blocksome at Rockwell Collins and Linda Langston at the Linn County, Iowa History Center).

Steve, KBØMYH, added that he would update his contacts within the USAF and military organizations as well.


Sid, WØWWH, reported that John, N4OWG, was recovering from minor knee surgery.

Old Business:

Articles and ByLaws

Paul presented the membership with the final copies of the Articles and ByLaws. He enumerated the minor administrative changes that had been made, including updating Peggy's address, minor spelling and grammar corrections, and moving the dissolution article from the ByLaws to the Articles of Incorporation to meet state requirements.

The three Incorporators present (Bill, KEØXQ, Sid, WØWWH, and Paul, K3FU) signed the Articles (John, N4OWG, had signed them earlier that day). Paul will deliver them to Bruce, KBØRZK, for his signature, then submission to Brian Zdan. The next step is submission to the Secretary of State and publishing of an announcement in a local newspaper of record (likely the Bellevue Leader).

ARRL Affilation

ARRL Section Manager for Nebraska, Bill, KEØXQ, presented the club with a framed Certificate of Affiliation.


Mark, KCØASN, passed out copies of the first SACMARC newsletter.

QSL Cards

Paul reported on his request for a bid to print our SACMARC QSL Cards to NØTT. NØTT replied that he was unable to print color QSL's, only black & white, and the Elkhorn picture for the KØGRL QSL probably would be too dark for black & white. Paul will submit requests to other QSL printers for a quote on the color QSL cards.

USAF 50th Anniversary QSO Party

Paul announced that KØGRL and KØAIR had finished first and second, respectively, for the state of Nebraska in the QSO Party. The certificates in recognition of this had been received from the Razorback Radio Club and were available for inspection.

New Business:

Nomination/Election of a New Treasurer

No volunteers for Treasurer stepped forward at this time. Paul announced that the club would suspend collection of dues until a new Treasurer (or Secretary/Treasurer) was elected at a future meeting.

ARRL Annual Report

Our ARRL Annual Report is due. Paul will follow up on this.

P.O. Box Renewal

Our P.O. Box came up for renewal earlier this year. Paul donated $20 to renew the box for another 6 months.

Armed Forces Day

The Armed Forces Day cross-band tests are coming up on Saturday, May 16th. Asssociation of Old Crows StratRoost Chapter representative Robb Hoover contacted the club and offered to ask the Museum if we could operate from the Museum in conjunction with their Armed Forces Day activities. Robb and Paul will follow up on this.

Annual Air Force Anniversary QSO Party

The USAF 50th Anniversary QSO Party is now an annual event, scheduled for September 19th and 20th. Paul encouraged the membership to think about participating in this event again.


Upcoming meetings of Bellevue, Ashland, and Plattsmouth clubs were announced.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:30 PM.

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