Minutes of December 14, 1999 Annual Meeting

1. On December 14, 1999, the annual meeting of the Strategic Air Command
Memorial Amateur Radio Club (SACMARC) was called to order at the Old
Country Buffet on Galvin Road in Bellevue by Vice President Paul
Schleck, K3FU, at 6:50 PM.  Officers present were Paul Schleck, K3FU
(Vice President), John Sheffield, N4OWG (Treasurer), Sonya Fitzgerald,
KC0AUL (Secretary), and George Bellairs, KB0ZZT (Property Manager).
Clay Mayrose, WA6LBU (President) was absent.  Others in attendance
included Mark Fitzgerald, KC0ASN (Secretary/Newsletter Editor), and 11
other members and guests.  A quorum was determined to be present.

2.  Paul Schleck gave a summary of the year's accomplishments, including
the operation for the United States Air Force Anniversary QSO Party that
was held at the SAC Museum in September of this year.  The operation was
a great success and everyone who took part had a good time.  The staff
at the museum were very helpful and Paul thanked everyone who helped
with the event.

3.  Paul also stated that the minutes of the last two meetings were not
yet available and that Mark Fitzgerald will try to have them done in
time for the next meeting.

Officer's Reports:

4.  John Sheffield gave the Treasurer's report as follows:

Beginning Balance:  $286.20
Income:             $ 80.00
Expenses:           $107.50
Ending Balance:     $258.70

Sonya Fitzgerald moved, and George Bellairs seconded, that the
Treasurer's report be accepted.  The motion passed.

5.  John also stated that the bank had deducted a service charge of $5 a
month for two months for lack of activity in our checking account this
year.  John asked for a motion that the club authorize the Treasurer to
occasionally write a check that would be immediately redeposited in
order to keep the account active.  This would only be required should
the club's account be in danger of being considered inactive again.
Sonya Fitzgerald moved, and George Bellairs seconded.  The motion

6.  George Bellairs did not have a Property Manager's report.


7. Mark Fitzgerald reported that he was unable to finish the newsletter
because his computer had a bad hard drive, resulting in the loss of most
of his data.  Mark said that he would have to start over by reloading
the computer and re-entering most of the information.  Mark said that he
would try to have it by the next meeting, if possible.

New Business:

8.  The following members were nominated and unanimously elected to

President: Paul Schleck
Vice President: Sonya Fitzgerald
Treasurer: John Sheffield
Secretary: Mark Fitzgerald
Property Manager: George Bellairs

9.  Paul Schleck then opened the floor for discussion about setting a
date for our Executive Board meeting for the purpose of officer
transition and property transfer.  It was agreed that this meeting will
be held on January 11, 2000 at 7:30 PM at the Wendy's Restaurant on
Galvin Road in Bellevue, Nebraska.

10.  Paul Schleck then revisited the subject of the annual SAC Museum
operation for the USAF Anniversary QSO Party and opened the floor for
discussion.  Some members felt that we could do better next year with
improved displays, including graphics and visual aids.  Also, better
configuration of radios and antennas would allow us to operate
simultaneously on two HF bands.  Paul volunteered to head up an Event
Committee to plan a better Museum operation next year.  Paul asked for
volunteers and said that interested individuals could contact him about

11.  Paul Schleck also reminded the membership that 2000 SACMARC dues
were due and payable by the March meeting to ensure uninterrupted

12.  The final item of new business introduced by Paul Schleck was that
Frank Taylor, AA0ZP, was interested in obtaining permission to use the
club callsigns in various regular nets such as Worked All States and on
patriotic holidays such as Memorial Day.  John Sheffield moved, and
Sonya Fitzgerald seconded, that this be approved.  The motion passed.

13.  A motion to ajourn was made by John Sheffield and seconded by Sonya
Fitzgerald.  The motion passed and the meeting was adjourned at 7:42 PM.

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