Minutes of June 15, 1999 Regular Meeting

     1. On Tuesday, June 15th, 1999 the regular meeting was called to order 
at 7:38 PM. The SACMARC met at the Wendy's Restaurant, located on Galvin 
Road, Bellevue, Nebraska. Members attending were as follows: Paul, K3FU 
(Vice-president), Sonya, KC0AUL (Secretary), George, KB0ZZT (Property 
Manager), Mark, KC0ASN (Newsletter Editor), along with Sidney, W0WWH, and 
Andrew, KC0BDX.  Clay, WA6LBU (President), and John, N40WG (Treasurer), were 
absent.  A quorum was determined to be present.  Paul K3FU, presided.     

     2.  Paul K3FU, stated that the minutes for the regular December 1998 
meeting had not been approved at the March meeting.  The club needed to 
approve the December 1998 minutes, and the March 1999 minutes during this 
meeting. George KB0ZZT, made a motion to approve both the December 1998 
minutes and the March 1999 minutes.  Mark KC0ASN, seconded the motion.  The 
motion passed.     

  Officer's Reports:     

     3.  John N4OWG (Treasurer), was not present.  But submitted his report 
to Paul K3FU as follows:             

Beginning Balance:...................$345.75
Ending Balance:........................$345.75     

     George KB0ZZT, made a motion to approve the Treasurer's report.  Sonya 
KC0AUL, seconded the motion.  The motion passed.     

     4.  Property report: Nothing to report.     

     5.  Secretary's report: Nothing to report.     

     6. History Committee's report: Paul K3FU, reported that the club was 
still on course to have a possible exhibit at the SAC Museum and would keep 
us updated on his progress.     

     7.  Courtesy report: Nothing to report.     

     8.  Newsletter editors report: Mark KC0ASN, reported that he was done 
with the March newsletter but was unable to mail it until he had an updated 
roster for 1999 to add to the newsletter.  As soon as that information was 
determined, he would mail out the newsletter.  He also said that he would 
attempt to have an estimate for the cost of postage, and expenses on the 
makeup and mailing of the club newsletters.

     New Business:

     9.  Paul K3FU, stated that he had consulted with an attorney, Mike 
Riddle, about the Articles of Incorporation.  It was necessary to make some 
minor administrative changes to the Articles to meet specific State 
requirements.  Paul explained the changes to the members present, and why 
they needed to be made for the club to be incorporated. Paul stated that he 
would pay all the filing fees and would seek reimbursement at the September 
    Paul K3FU, made a motion to approve the changes to the Articles of 
Incorporation.  Sonya KC0AUL, seconded the motion.  The motion was approved.

      10. Paul K3FU, stated that the By-laws for the club would have to be 
amended to change the day, and date that the club would be holding its 
quarterly meetings. Part of the changes would be as follows:
      Sec. 3, "General membership meetings of Corporation shall be held in 
the Months of December, March, June, and September, on a day to be set by the 
president at least thirty days in advance."
      Paul said that in order to change the By-laws for the club, that we 
would have to vote on the motion that we needed to ballot the membership.  
Paul would send out ballots out to the members so that they could vote on the 
changes.  And if the motion passes than we could approve the motion at the 
September 1999 meeting.     
     Paul K3FU, made a motion for the changes to be voted on, and to send the 
ballots out for a vote.Andrew KC0BDX, seconded the motion.  The motion was 

     12.  Paul K3FU, said that he was not sure that we would still be able to 
hold the United States Air Force QSO Party at the SAC Museum as planned, 
because the original director of the museum was stepping down, and that Paul 
had not gotten the specific approval for the club event at the museum from 
the new director.  For now we should still plan on the event at the museum on 
September 18-19, unless otherwise notified.    

     13.  Mark KC0ASN, said that he had a number of people interested in 
operating at the museum and to help with setup.  Sonya KC0AUL, and he would 
be able to be at the site for both days.  Paul said to send a list of all 
interested parties names to him so that he could add these people to the list 
of those who would have access into the museum to operate.    
    14.  Sonya KC0AUL, made a suggestion that the club should have a special 
meeting on Aug. 9th 1999, for the preparations and organization of the SAC 
Museum event, if the event is approved by the museum.  The meeting would be 
held at Wendy's at 7:30 PM.

    15.  Paul K3FU, stated that the president of the club, Clay Mayrose 
WA6LBU, may be reassigned, and may not be able to stay on as president. If he 
does have to move away, then it may be that Clay would have to step down as 
president.  Paul would let us know if Clay moves.  For now, Clay would stay 
on as President.

    16. The present members of the meeting discussed  the time and meeting 
place for the annual December meeting and Christmas dinner. It was decided to 
have the meeting on December 14th 1999.  The meeting will likely be held  at 
the Golden Corral, or the Old Country Buffet in Bellevue.  Paul K3FU, said 
that he would check with the restaurants for their available times for the 
meeting and dinner, and then he would notify the members on the place and 
time for the event.    

    17.  Sonya KC0AUL, made a motion to close the meeting.  Paul K3FU 
seconded the motion.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:37 PM.    

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