Minutes of March 17, 1999 Regular Meeting

On Wednesday, March 17th, 1999 at 7:30 PM, the SACMARC met at Great Western Bank, corner of Galvin and Harvell Roads, American Plaza, Bellevue, Nebraska to conduct a regular meeting. Officers present included Clay Mayrose WA6LBU, Paul Schleck K3FU, John Sheffield N4OWG, Sonya Fitzgerald KCØAUL, and George Bellairs KBØZZT. Other members present were Andrew Dandridge KCØBDX, Mark Fitzgerald KCØASN, and Sid Reade WØWWH. A quorum was determined to be present. Clay WA6LBU presided.

Wrap-Up of Officer Transition

The general subjects of club funds and dues were discussed. The incoming Treasurer, John N4OWG, felt that the club's financial records still needed further organization before a complete transition could be completed. The club went almost a year without a Treasurer and needed to clean up its records. Paul K3FU and Clay WA6LBU made arrangements to put the records in better order before handing them over to John N4OWG. Other discussion included the status of the club's checking account and members with unpaid dues.


Mark KCØASN reported that an updated membership roster will be sent out with the club newsletter as soon as such a roster is available.


Paul K3FU stated that he would be able to present at the June meeting the revised copies of the Articles and ByLaws. The Articles needed to have minor administrative changes to meet statutory requirements before the State would approve them. The ByLaws need to be updated to reflect a change of meeting time (third Tuesday instead of third Wednesday). The ByLaws changes will require a vote.

Annual USAF Anniversary QSO Party

Clay WA6LBU notified the club that he would not be able to sponsor a station at Elkhorn for the September QSO Party due to an imminent reassignment, likely Tinker AFB, and likely by the end of the summer. Other locations, including the homes of Fred Groce KØFG or Mark Fitzgerald KCØASN, will be considered. Paul K3FU will follow up with the SAC Museum about hosting us for the QSO Party and will report back with any response.

Armed Forces Day

After some informal discussion, it was decided that the SACMARC (and the rest of the local amateur radio community) would probably be stretched too thin with other closely-scheduled events to put a station on the air for Armed Forces Day.

SACMARC Use of WBØQQK Repeater

Mark KCØASN presented the idea of using Frank Vondra's repeater for SACMARC nets or other activities. Paul K3FU suggested that we should ask the club members about it in a future issue of the newsletter. We should also solicit the required volunteers. Mark KCØASN will follow up on this.

Additional Newsletter Business

Mark KCØASN stated that he would have some figures on the cost of the newsletters and postage by the next meeting. He also asked that copies of other club's newsletters be sent to him for additional information for our newsletter.


John N4OWG stated that he would send a list of this year's renewing members to George KBØZZT to incorporate into an updated roster. Mark KCØASN asked for a copy of that roster to send with the next newsletter.

Clay WA6LBU moved for adjournment of the meeting at 8:15 PM. Motion was seconded and passed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sonya Fitzgerald, KCØAUL

(Transcribed and edited by Mark Fitzgerald KCØASN and Paul Schleck K3FU)

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