Minutes of March 21, 2000 Regular Meeting

     1. On March 21, 2000, the regular meeting was called to order at 7:38 PM. 
The SACMARC met at the Wendy's Restaurant, located on Galvin Road, in 
Bellevue, Nebraska. Members attending were as follows: Paul K3FU (President), 
Sonya KC0AUL (Vice-President), Mark KC0ASN (Secretary), Sid W0WWH (Courtesy 
Committee). A quorum was determined to be present. 

     2. Paul K3FU, made a motion to accept the June and September meeting 
minutes submitted by Mark KC0ASN. Sid W0WWH seconded the motion. The motion 

     Officers reports:

     3. Mark KC0ASN (Newsletter editor), reported that he did not have the 
new newsletter ready. Also, the roster was not prepared and ready for 
review. However, he did get the June and September minutes submitted for this 
meeting. He said he would do his best to get all jobs completed as soon as
possible. Mark also said that he did have a new member who wanted to renew
his membership and had paid the dues to him.  Mark mailed the check 
and the membership form to John N4OWG (Treasurer).

     4. Sid W0WWH, reported that Jerry McKay K0FPM, had been injured in a 
bicycle accident and that the club wished him a speedy recovery. 

     5. Paul K3FU, said that he did not get a Treasurers report from John 
N4OWG.  At the last meeting we had an ending balance of $300.25. Paul 
renewed the clubs PO box at an expense of $44.00. Sid W0WWH, made a motion 
that Paul should be reimbursed for the renewal for the P. O. box. Mark 
KC0ASN, seconded the motion. The motion passed. Paul said that he would 
check with John on the Treasurer's report, and would have it at the next 
meeting if John was not present for that meeting.

     6. Paul K3FU, reported for the event committee. The Armed Forces Day 
event is a go for Saturday, May 20, at the SAC Museum. Paul asked for any 
volunteers for the event. Paul also said that the United States Air Force QSO 
party in September was a go at the SAC Museum also for this year.  We need
volunteers for this event, also. The club should work on some plans for 
improvements over the previous year's good work.

     7. Mark KC0ASN, made a motion to adjourn. Sid W0WWH, seconded the 
motion. The meeting adjourned at 7:53 PM.   

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