Minutes of December 18, 2001 Annual Meeting

1. On Tuesday, December 18, 2001, the annual meeting of the Strategic
Air Command Memorial Amateur Radio Club was called to order at Sizzler's
on Harvell Road in Bellevue by President Bruce Reitan, KB0RZK, at
approximately 6:40 PM.  Officers present were Bruce Reitan, KB0RZK
(President), John Sheffield, N4OWG (Vice President), Joan Bellairs,
KC0DTK (Treasurer), Paul Schleck, K3FU (Secretary), and George Bellairs,
KB0ZZT (Property Manager).  Other members present included Bruce
Reitan's wife Arlene, Roy Gertig, N0RG (K0GRL Trustee), Darwin Piatt,
W9HZC, his wife Patti, and Andrew Dandridge, KC0BDX.  A quorum was
determined to be present.

2. Minutes from past meetings were read and approved.  The meeting
dates, motions, seconds, and approvals are as follows:

June 19, 2001: motion by John, N4OWG, seconded by Andrew, KC0BDX,
approved by voice vote

September 18, 2001: motion by John, N4OWG, seconded by Darwin, W9HZC,
approved by voice vote

3.  Our checking account balance is $329.70.

4.  The annual election of officers was then conducted.  The
nominations, seconds, and elections are as follows:

President: Darwin, W9HZC, nominated by John, N4OWG, seconded by Paul,
K3FU, elected by acclimation

Vice President: Roy, N0RG, nominated by John, N4OWG, seconded by
Darwin, W9HZC, elected by acclimation

Secretary: Paul, K3FU, nominated by John, N4OWG, seconded by Bruce,
KB0RZK, elected by acclimation

Treasurer: Joan, KC0DTK, nominated by John, N4OWG, seconded by Darwin,
W9HZC, elected by acclimation

Property Manager: George, KB0ZZT, nominated by John, N4OWG, seconded by
Bruce, KB0RZK, elected by acclimation

5.  An Events Committee Report was then made by Paul, K3FU.  A copy of
the letter sent to Strategic Air and Space Museum (formerly SAC Museum)
Deputy Director Denny Hahn was shown to the meeting attendees.  The
letter stated that we would not be participating in a USAF Anniversary
QSO Party at the Museum this year because of the event's apparent

6. Events Committee Report (continued): Our contact with the Aksarben
Amateur Radio Club in Omaha was discussed.  We wish to participate in a
joint project with them at the Strategic Air and Space Museum next year.
Such events could include demonstrations for the Museum Family Day.
Copies of correspondence to Aksarben officers were shown to the meeting
attendees.  Paul will continue to follow up with this.

7. Some informal discussion ensued about possible events for 2002.
Suggestions included:

- Anniversary of the creation or inactivation of the Strategic Air

- General LeMay's birthday

- Offutt AFB Events

It is possible that the Aksarben club has already made contacts with the
Museum regarding events, and we should follow up on this.  It was also
suggested that the Ashland ARC be contacted for volunteers for events.

8.  The Webmaster report was given by Darwin, W9HZC.  He noted that the
new web page will be cut over "soon," and the beta version can now be
viewed as a link off of the main page.

Old Business:

9.  Followup discussion about the subject of our December 4th Executive
Board Meeting then occurred.  Paul, K3FU, noted that the complainant had
not responded to our original reply, nor our followup.  It is reasonable
to assume at this point that the matter is settled.  Paul will continue
to wait for any replies from the complainant and consult with the Board
for guidance if any are received.

New Business:

10.  George KB0ZZT noted that he had renewed his safety deposit box and
continued to donate part of it for SACMARC records and artifacts.
George was thanked for his continued donation.

11.  The customary annual meeting of the Executive Board for the purpose
of officer transition and transfer of records was scheduled for Friday,
January 4, 2002 at 7:30 PM at Wendy's on Galvin Road in Bellevue.  An
audit of our checking account will also be performed at that time.

12.  Darwin, W9HZC, then asked for an adjournment.  Paul, K3FU, moved, and
George, KB0ZZT, seconded, that we adjourn.  The motion carried and the
meeting was adjourned at 7:43 PM.
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