Minutes of June 19, 2001 Regular Meeting

1.  On June 19, 2001 the regular meeting of the Strategic Air Command
Memorial Amateur Radio Club, at the Wendy's Restaurant on Galvin Road in
Bellevue Nebraska, was called to order at 7:35 PM.  Officers attending
included Bruce Reitan, KB0RZK, President; John Sheffield, N4OWG, Vice
President; Joan Bellairs, KC0DTK, Treasurer; Paul Schleck, K3FU,
Secretary; and George Bellairs, KB0ZZT, Property Manager.  Members in
attendance included Johann Schniedermeier, N0TJQ; Bonnie
Finn-Schniedermeier, KB0LQP; Mark Fitzgerald, NS0N, Newsletter Editor;
Andrew Dandridge, KC0BDX; and Steven Schmitz N0UP (new member).  A
quorum was determined to be present.

2.  John Sheffield moved, and George Bellairs seconded, that the
following draft meeting minutes be approved:

December 19, 1999 (Annual)
March    20, 2001 (Regular)

The motion passed.

Officer's Reports:

3. President: No Report

4. Vice President: No Report

5. Treasurer: Our account balance is as follows:

Previous balance:  $ 374.70
Deposits:          $  10.00  (donation)
                   $   5.00  (dues)
Withdrawals:       $ (45.00) (P.O. Box Renewal)
                   $ (20.00) (Biannual Nebraska Corporation Report Filing Fee)
Total:             $ 324.70

Alvin Guidry, N5GA, joined by mail and Steven Schmitz, N0UP joined at
the meeting, for a total of 19 current members.

John Sheffield moved, and George Bellairs seconded, that the Treasurer's
report be accepted.  The motion passed.

6. Secretary: With this meeting's approval of past minutes, the only
remaining post-incorporation minutes not yet printed or approved
are those for the June 20, 2000 regular meeting.  The previous Secretary
will search his records for those minutes and provide them to the
current Secretary.

7. Secretary (continued): Correspondence with the two previous officers
who held club P.O. Box keys resulted in replies reporting that each key
was lost.  One key, issued to a former President, was lost outright.
The other key, issued to a former Secretary, was reported to have been
given to the next Secretary.  However, the next Secretary does not
recall that key being received.  The only remaining P.O. Box key is held
by the current Secretary.  John Sheffield moved, and George Bellairs
seconded, that the Treasurer purchase a second P.O. Box key, to be held
by the Property Manager in our safe deposit box.  The motion passed. 

8. Secretary (continued): Our P.O. Box has been renewed for the year,
using a check for $45 that was approved and written at the March
meeting.  Our address continues to be P.O. Box 1292, Bellevue, NE
68005.  The street address on file at the Post Office was also updated
to reflect the change of address of our Corporate Agent (see New
Business below).

9. Secretary (continued): Our Biannual Corporation Report to the State
of Nebraska was submitted by the April 1, 2001 deadline.  The filing
fee of $20 was paid using a check that was approved and written at the
March meeting.

10. Secretary (continued): Our annual report to the American Radio Relay
League (ARRL) was submitted on-line at the ARRL's web page:


We continue to have at least 50 percent ARRL membership among our
members (meeting requirements for ARRL affiliation).

11. Property Manager:  No changes to club property were reported.

Committee Reports:

12. Events/History: Paul Schleck reported that the Nebraska QSO Party in
April was a success.  Darwin Piatt, WB5HZH, and he had made 312 contacts
with stations around the world, including 30 U.S. states and several
countries, using the K0AIR callsign at the Douglas County Emergency
Operations Center (EOC).  Darwin has submitted our entry to the QSO
Party organizers (Heartland DX Association) and we will likely place
high among participating Nebraska stations this year.  Already, about 50
QSL cards have been received, with all correspondents receiving a return
QSL card from us.

13. Events/History (continued): Nothing has yet been received from the
Razorback Radio Club regarding the 2000 or 2001 USAF Anniversary QSO
Parties.  Also, no updates, such as 2000 results or 2001 announcements,
have appeared on the Razorback Radio Club's web page:


nor has direct correspondence to the Razorback Radio Club and General
Skoch at the Pentagon been answered.  Unconfirmed reports from K8AIR and
K1AIR are that the Razorback Radio Club has either become inactive or
has had internal problems.  Since the SACMARC is not interested in
organizing the QSO Party all by itself, we may have to face the
possibility that this event may not happen in 2001.  The usual letter to
the SAC Museum thanking them for hosting us last year, and asking to be
invited back this year, is on hold due to this uncertainty.  Paul
Schleck will continue to follow up with all parties involved.

14. Events/History (continued): A letter was sent to Frank Taylor,
AA0ZP, reminding him that his proposed use of the club callsigns on
Worked All States (WAS) nets is approved, and encouraging him to use
either callsign this Memorial Day of 2001.  No reply was received.  Paul
Schleck will follow up with Frank on this.

15.  Events/History (continued): Roger Mundy, K8AIR, sent us the results
of his research about the K7AIR callsign.  K7AIR was assigned to a MARS
station at the former Moses Lake (later Larson) Air Force Base in Moses
Lake, Washington State.  A letter from the original K7AIR trustee,
Joseph F. Thomasson, Jr., W5HOO, detailing his recollections of the base
and the K7AIR station, was sent to us.  Paul Schleck will type in this
letter and place it in the Historical Archive section of the club's web


16.  Courtesy: Sid Reade, W0WWH, was not present.

17.  Newsletter: Mark Fitzgerald proposed that the club adopt a more
realistic plan of having an annual, as opposed to quarterly, newsletter.
This proposal is motivated by our previous experience that quarterly
newsletters are somewhat thin in content, and roughly mirror what's on
the club's web page, anyway.  A quarterly newsletter is also a
significant time and labor burden on our present Newsletter Editor.

18.  Newsletter (continued): After some brief discussion, it was
recommended that the Newsletter Editor publish a single, annual issue of
the newsletter, sent to members after the December annual meeting, but
before the March regular meeting.  The contents of this newsletter would
include the names of newly-elected officers, an internal and
confidential roster of members, minutes of previous meetings, and a
wrap-up of events of the past year.  This annual newsletter can also be
given to non-members, such as ARRL Officers, other local clubs, and
other SAC-related groups, for publicity purposes.

19.  Newsletter (continued): John Sheffield recommended that the club
continue to use only approved sources for newsletter material (i.e., use
copyrighted material, such as from other newsletters, only with
permission, and avoid publishing internal information about other clubs,
such as their minutes and activities).  Paul Schleck recommended that we
continue to give appropriate source credit in all cases (e.g., our use
of U.S. Air Force official photos).

Old Business:

20.  Visual Aids for Public Events:  Darwin Piatt was not present due to
teaching commitments at Metro Community College.  Paul Schleck reported
that Darwin and his son Zach continue to work on this task, but that no
plans or models are available to show the membership at this meeting.
Paul Schleck will follow up with Darwin Piatt on this.

21.  No further significant discussion occurred about our planned
participation in the 2001 USAF Anniversary QSO Party (see Event/History
Committee Report above).

New Business:

22.  The Corporate Agent (Paul Schleck) is changing his mailing address.
Therefore, a Change of Corporate Agent form with a $10 filing fee, will
have to be submitted to the Nebraska Secretary of State.  John Sheffield
moved, and George Bellairs seconded, that this expenditure be approved.
The motion passed.  A check for $10 made out to the Nebraska Secretary
of State was given to the Corporate Agent, who will submit the form
(in duplicate) immediately (keeping a copy for our own records).

23.  In response to a query by George Bellairs about why we cannot use
our P.O. Box address, the Corporate Agent noted that our previous
counsel (Brian Zdan, KM0Y) informed us that according to Nebraska
Statute, the Corporate Agent must have a physical, street address.  The
reason for this is that in the event of the corporation being sued, a
process server must have a physical address at which to serve a summons
on the Corporate Agent.

24.  Paul Schleck noted that this change of address will also have to
made on our checks, as they also contain the physical, street address of
the Corporate Agent.  After some brief discussion, it was decided to
simply hand-correct the address on our checks for the time being to save
money (as we have a number of checks with the old address).

25.  The Treasurer asked about our mailing address for bank statements.
Paul Schleck said that he had not received any bank statements at the
Corporate Agent address since the beginning of the year and had assumed
that the address had been changed to the home address of the Treasurer.
The Treasurer replied that no change of statement mailing address had
been made.  The Treasurer will go down to the bank in the near future to
find out where our bank statements are being sent.

26.  Paul Schleck inquired if any previous officers were still being
listed as signatories on our checking account.  The Treasurer will also
inquire about this at her next visit to the bank.

27. At this time, our committees and committee chair appointments were
reviewed.  These committees and their respective chairs serve at the
pleasure of the President, so no motion or vote was taken to continue
committees as follows:

Newsletter: Mark Fitzgerald will continue as Newsletter Editor with the
newsletter to be published annually from now on (see Newsletter
Committee Report above).

Webmaster: This is a new committee, with Darwin Piatt volunteering to be
our club Webmaster.  Until it is completed, the draft version of our new
web page will be made available as a link to our existing page.  E-mail
to webmaster@sacmarc.org will be forwarded to Darwin Piatt and Paul

Courtesy:  Sid Reade will continue as chair.

Events/History:  Paul Schleck will continue as chair.


28.  Bruce Reitan announced that our next regular meeting will be on
Tuesday, September 18th, 2001 at 7:30 PM at the Wendy's Restaurant on
Galvin Road in Bellevue, Nebraska.

29.  George Bellairs moved, and Mark Fitzgerald seconded, that the
meeting be adjourned.  The motion passed and the meeting was adjourned
at 8:25 PM.

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