Minutes of March 20, 2001 Regular Meeting

1.  On March 20, 2001 the regular meeting of the Strategic Air Command
Memorial Amateur Radio Club, at the Wendy's Restaurant on Galvin Road in
Bellevue Nebraska, was called to order at 7:35 PM.  Officers attending
included Bruce Reitan, KB0RZK, President; John Sheffield, N4OWG, Vice
President; Joan Bellairs, KC0DTK, Treasurer; Paul Schleck, K3FU,
Secretary; and George Bellairs, KB0ZZT, Property Manager.  Members in
attendance included Johann Schniedermeier, N0TJQ; Bonnie
Finn-Schniedermeier, KB0LQP; Darwin Piatt, WB5ZHZ; Zach Piatt; and
Andrew Dandridge, KC0BDX.  A quorum was determined to be present.

2.  George Bellairs moved, and John Sheffield seconded, that the
following draft meeting minutes be approved:

September 21, 1999 (Regular)
January   11, 2000 (Executive Board)
March     21, 2000 (Regular)
December  19, 2000 (Annual)
December  26, 2000 (Executive Board)

The motion passed.

Officer's Reports:

3. Vice President: No Report

4. Secretary: Defer Report to Old/New Business

5. Treasurer: Our account balance is as follows:

Previous balance:  $329.70
Deposits:          $ 22.50
Pending Deposits:  $ 22.50
Total:             $374.70

There are 17 current, dues-paying members, of which 4 are included in
family memberships, for a total of $75 dues collected.  A roster was
provided to the Secretary.

George Bellairs moved, and John Sheffield seconded, that the Treasurer's
report be accepted.  The motion passed.

6. Property Manager:  Club property that had been checked out as
exhibits for the USAF Anniversary QSO Party, including:

- Nebraska Articles of Incorporation
- FCC Amateur Radio Station Licenses
- QSL Cards
- Letters and other historical documentation

were collected from the Secretary at this meeting and will be placed in
a safe deposit box owned (and partially donated to the club) by the
Property Manager.

Old Business:

7. Paul Schleck gave a report on last year's USAF Anniversary QSO Party,
held in September of 2000.  Although our logs were accidentally lost,
the Razorback Amateur Radio Club will at least provide us with a
certificate of participation, and if they can reconstruct a log for us
from other entries, we may also get a certificate for first place in
Nebraska (as no other Nebraska entries were made).  Paul noted that
while we had fewer radio contacts this year, there was still a
significant amount of interaction with Museum visitors, some of whom
expressed serious interest in amateur radio.  Paul will follow up with
the Razorback Radio Club about certificates.  When this is received,
Paul will write a letter to the SAC Museum requesting use of the Museum
floor again for our third operation from that facility for this event.

8.  The floor was then opened to general discussion and suggestions
about next year's participation in the USAF Anniversary QSO Party,
scheduled for September 15th and 16th, 2001.  Darwin Piatt volunteered
himself and his son Zach to research and submit plans for some visual
aids (stand-up signs, banners, etc.) for use at next year's event on the
Museum floor.  Darwin will give a report on his progress at the next
meeting in June.

New Business:

9.  Paul Schleck noted that our biannual Corporation report to the State
of Nebraska was due April 1, and a filing fee of $20 was required.  John
Sheffield made a motion, and George Bellairs seconded, that the
Treasurer write a check for $20 made out to "Nebraska Secretary of
State" to pay this fee.  The motion passed.  Paul will complete the
report form and mail it with the form tomorrow (making a copy for our
own records).

10.  Paul Schleck also noted that our P.O. Box fee was due at the end of
this month at the Bellevue Post Office.  The fee to renew for the year
is $45.  John Sheffield moved, and Darwin Piatt seconded, that the
Treasurer write a check for $45 made out to "Postmaster" to pay this
fee.  The motion passed.  Paul will submit this check to the Bellevue
Post Office tomorrow.

11.  George Bellairs was recognized by the membership at this time for
his donation in-kind of shared space in his safe deposit box for the
storage of club records of long-term archival value.

12. Further discussion about next year's USAF Anniversary QSO party
ensued.  John Sheffield and Bruce Reitan suggested to the Secretary that
some sort of press release be prepared and submitted to local media
outlets (Offutt AFB Public Affairs, TV, Radio, Newspapers).  John
Sheffield volunteered to prepare a press release if the Secretary
provided him with the necessary background information
(who/what/when/where/why/etc.).  The Secretary agreed to do this.  It
was also suggested to, and accepted by, the Secretary that he obtain
fliers and other promotional material from the ARRL to hand out at the

13.  John Sheffield also asked the Secretary about the club's ARRL
Affiliation, and if we have made a report to the ARRL recently.  The
Secretary indicated that we had filed our most recent required report,
and he will look into keeping our affiliation current by making our next
annual report on-line at the ARRL Web Page.

14.  Bruce Reitan announced that our next regular meeting will be on
Tuesday, June 19th, 2001 at 7:30 PM at the Wendy's Restaurant on Galvin
Road in Bellevue, Nebraska.

15.  George Bellairs made a motion, seconded by Darwin Piatt, to
adjourn.  The motion passed and the meeting was adjourned at 7:52 PM.

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