Minutes of December 16, 2002 Annual Meeting

Attendance and Quorum:

1. On Tuesday, December 16, 2002, the annual meeting of the Strategic
Air Command Memorial Amateur Radio Club was called to order at Sizzler's
on Harvell Road in Bellevue by Vice President Roy Gertig, N0RG, at
approximately 7:05 PM.  Officers present were Vice President Roy Gertig,
N0RG; Treasurer Joan Bellairs, KC0DTK; Secretary Paul Schleck, K3FU; and
Property Manager George Bellairs, KB0ZZT.  Other members present
included Andrew Dandridge, KC0BDX; Sid Reade, W0WWH, and his wife
Nadeane; and John Sheffield, N4OWG.  Roy Gertig's son Steve was present
as a guest.  President Darwin Piatt, W9HZC; was absent.  A quorum was
determined to be present.

Officer's Reports:

2. Secretary: Minutes from the September 16, 2002 meeting were read by
the Secretary.  A correction was made to the Treasurer's report based on
feedback from the Treasurer (a $5 deposit from dues had been added
twice, so the corrected balance for September is $392.20).  Sid Reade
seconded the Secretary's corrected minutes, which were approved by voice

3. Treasurer:  Our September bank balance of $392.20 carries over to
December unchanged.  George Bellairs seconded the Treasurer's report,
and it was approved by voice vote.

Committee Reports:

4. Events: Paul Schleck reported that the Special Event Station in honor
of Veteran's Day and the birthday of General Curtis E. LeMay was a great
success.  The station was operated at John Sheffield's home, assisted by
Darwin Piatt, Andrew Dandridge, and Paul Schleck.  Over 500 contacts
were made, and almost 200 QSL cards were received.  We may be able to
submit K0GRL for a Worked All States (WAS) award.  Darwin Piatt and Paul
Schleck will attempt to collect the necessary cards and submit them to
Todd LeMense, KK0DX, for field checking.

5.  Events (continued): Paul Schleck reported that the joint
Aksarben/NSTAR/SACMARC amateur radio demonstration for April, 2003
Family Day at the Strategic Air and Space Museum in Ashland is still a
"go" and that the next planning step is to contact Deputy Director
Steve Prall to set an exact date for the January planning meeting.  In
response to a question by John Sheffield, Paul noted that the planned
events included a weather balloon launch and a stand-up exhibit with
live demonstrations of amateur radio techniques like APRS, PSK31, and
SSTV.  This stand-up exhibit had won a ARRL award for best exhibit
related to the movie "Frequency" when it was used in the lobby of the
"20 Grand" theater in Omaha.  Paul also noted, in response to a followup
question by John Sheffield, that our participation in this was to
further local amateur radio publicity and recruiting in general, as well
as further the amateur radio community's relationship with the Museum,
but there wouldn't be a specific SACMARC component to Family Day at the
Museum this year.

6. Webmaster: In the absence of Darwin Piatt, Paul Schleck made the
committee report.  He noted that Darwin and he had made progress in
setting up servers at Novia Internetworking (the hosting ISP for
sacmarc.org), particularly to accommodate Darwin's use of Microsoft
Front Page, including its server extensions.  Full rollout of the new
web site remains pending.  Paul acknowledged that this new web site had
been promised "soon" at the June and September meetings.  Paul will work
with Darwin to get this completed "soonest."

7.  Webmaster (continued): Paul also noted that Novia Internetworking
provides Domain Name Service (DNS) resolution for our Internet domain
(sacmarc.org) as well as filespace and server hosting for our web page
(http://www.sacmarc.org).  Novia has provided these services for the
SACMARC for free in the past, and has recently indicated that it will
continue to do so for at least another year.  Novia provides these free
services both to support a worthwhile non-profit local organization, and
as a courtesy for Paul Schleck, who has been a charter subscriber of
Novia since 1995.

8.  Courtesy:  Sid Reade confirmed that he has retired from Courtesy
positions both in our club and in the Bellevue Amateur Radio Club.  This
position is currently open.


9.  The annual elections of officers was then conducted.  The
nominations, seconds, motion for closing nominations and election by
acclimation, and seconds, are as follows:

President: Darwin Piatt, nominated by Paul Schleck, seconded by John
Sheffield, motion for closing nominations and election by acclimation by
John Sheffield, seconded by George Bellairs.  Motion passed by unanimous
voice vote.

Vice President: Roy Gertig, nominated by John Sheffield, seconded by
Joan Bellairs, motion for closing nominations and election by
acclimation by George Bellairs, seconded by Sid Reade.  Motion passed by
unanimous voice vote.

At this point, a motion for re-election of all officers was offered by
John Sheffield.  Paul Schleck noted that he had declined running for
Secretary this year due to having already served two terms as Secretary,
two terms as President, and accepting election as Vice President of the
Bellevue Amateur Radio Club for next year.  The motion was withdrawn.

Secretary: Andrew Dandridge, nominated by John Sheffield, seconded by
George Bellairs, motion for closing nominations and election by
acclimation by John Sheffield, seconded by Sid Reade.  Motion passed by
unanimous voice vote.

Treasurer: Joan Bellairs, nominated by John Sheffield, seconded by Sid
Reade, motion for closing nominations and election by acclimation by
George Bellairs, seconded by Andrew Dandridge.  Motion passed by
unanimous voice vote.

Property Manager: George Bellairs, nominated by John Sheffield, seconded
by Joan Bellairs, motion for closing nominations and election by
acclimation by John Sheffield, seconded by Roy Gertig.  Motion passed by
unanimous voice vote.

Old Business:

10.  John Sheffield reported that he will obtain some Strategic Air
Command patches from the Strategic Air and Space Museum gift shop to
fulfill a promise made to an individual veteran contacted during the
Veteran's Day special event.

New Business:

11.  After some informal discussion, it was determined that an
end-of-year audit and transfer of club property could occur at tonight's
meeting, so a special transition meeting in January was not required,
and thus was not scheduled.

12.  Some informal discussion then ensued about scheduling for meetings
the following year.  Presently, such meetings are held on the third
Monday of the third month (March, June, September, and December) but
Darwin Piatt may have schedule conflicts next year due to teaching
commitments at Metro Community College.  Darwin Piatt and Roy Gertig
will have to consult their schedules and report back to the membership
regarding a suitable meeting day that preserves a quorum (with at least
President or Vice President present).  This will be accomplished at
least 30 days in advance of the next meeting, as required by the ByLaws.

13.  An audit committee was then formed to review and approve the club's
financial records for the previous year.  In response to a suggestion by
Paul Schleck that the club continue its customary practice of having
non-officers conduct the audit, a committee of John Sheffield, Sid
Reade, and Andrew Dandridge (whose term of office doesn't commence until
January 1, 2003) was formed.  The committee reviewed the club's
financial records, found them to be in order, and will submit a written
statement to that effect to the Treasurer for inclusion into the club's
financial records.

14.  The Treasurer collected dues for 2003.  Dues are due by the March
meeting to ensure uninterrupted membership and to appear in the 2003


15.  Roy Gertig asked for a motion for adjournment, which was given by
John Sheffield and seconded by Sid Reade.  The motion carried by
unanimous voice vote and the meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:40

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