Minutes of June 21, 2002 Regular Meeting

Attendance and Quorum:

1.  On Tuesday, June 21, 2002, a regular business meeting of the
Strategic Air Command Memorial Amateur Radio Club was convened at 7:40
PM at the Wendy's Restaurant on Galvin Road in Bellevue, Nebraska.
President Darwin Piatt, W9HZC, presided.  Others in attendance were
Treasurer Joan Bellairs, KC0DTK; Secretary Paul Schleck, K3FU; Property
Manager George Bellairs, KB0ZZT; member Andrew Dandridge, KC0BDX; new
members Johann Schniedermeier, N0TJQ, and Bonnie Finn-Schniedermeier,
KB0LQP; and guests Bob Balters, N0UCK, and Ray McNally, N5SEZ.  Vice
President Roy Gertig, N0RG, was absent.  A quorum was determined to be

Officer's Reports:

2.  Secretary:  Minutes for the following meetings were read by the
Secretary, and motions for their approval were seconded by the following

December 18, 2001 Annual Meeting, Joan Bellairs
January 4, 2002 Executive Board Meeting, George Bellairs

The approval of the minutes passed by voice vote (of the membership for
the regular meeting, and of the Executive Board for the board meeting).

Minutes for our March 19, 2002 informational meeting were read, but were
not required to be approved.

(Guidance from our parliamentary expert, George Bellairs, was that the
reading of an officer's report constituted a motion.  Therefore, only a
second is required to bring the report's approval to a vote.  This new
procedure was adopted for the approval of the meeting minutes and the
Treasurer's report.)

3.  Secretary (continued):  The Secretary gave CD-ROM copies of our
documents, web pages, and all corporate E-mail since 1997 to the
President and Property Manager.

4.  President:  The President reported that a good time was had at the
joint organizational picnic held by the Aksarben Amateur Radio Club at
Mahoney State Park on May 25, 2002.  One of our stations, K0AIR, was
activated at this event and about a dozen stations were contacted around
the country.  QSL Cards for about half of these were received, and were
replied to with cards by Darwin Piatt and Paul Schleck.

5.  President (continued):  Darwin expressed a desire to come to a better
agreement about meeting times, as the Friday meeting time adopted for
this meeting was not supported by all.  The Secretary suggested that it
be added to our agenda under Old Business.

6.  President (continued):  Darwin noted that he was also the Field Day
Chairman for the Bellevue Amateur Radio Club and encouraged all members
to attend the joint Bellevue ARC/SACMARC Field Day operation near the
intersection of Cedar Island and Cornhusker Roads in Bellevue on
Saturday and Sunday, June 22nd and 23rd, 2002.

7.  Treasurer:  The Treasurer gave the following report:

Last Month's Balance:      $ 424.70
New Members' Dues:            12.50
Post Office Box Renewal:     (45.00)
This Month's Balance:        392.20

Andrew Dandridge seconded the Treasurer's report, which was then
approved by the membership by voice vote.

Committee Reports:

8.  Events:  Paul Schleck confirmed the President's report of SACMARC
participation at the May 25th picnic.  Paul also assisted Matt Anderson,
KA0BOJ, with parking at the Strategic Air and Space Museum for Armed
Forces Day.  Paul noted that Bob Dole was the guest speaker, who gave a
well-received talk.  According to Matt Anderson, who is a Museum staff
member and President of the Ashland Amateur Radio Club, the Deputy
Director is now former Building Manager Steve Prall.  According to Matt,
the Museum staff are receptive to the idea of a future exhibit.  Paul
will follow up with Mr. Prall.  Tentative date for an exhibit is in

9.  Events (continued):  There is the possibility of an operation for the
birthday of General Curtis LeMay, which is November 15th (1906) using
his former Nebraska amateur radio callsign, K0GRL.  Ideas include
rotating home stations or operation at the Douglas or Sarpy County
Emergency Operations Centers (EOC's).  Officials at both facilities have
accommodated such special operating events on a resource-available
basis.  Darwin Piatt will research options and report back at the next
meeting.  Veterans Day is on Monday, November 11th this year, and a
weekend operation is desirable, so combining both events is a

10.  Webmaster:  Darwin Piatt reported that the new web page is ready to
cut over.  Darwin will get with Paul Schleck, who has access to the
www.sacmarc.org files at Novia Internetworking, to arrange the cutover
in the next few weeks.

11.  Newsletter:  Darwin noted that this position is empty, and a new
Newsletter Editor is being sought.  George Bellairs asked if such a
position was necessary since most of our information is available
on-line via the web.  Paul Schleck noted that it was still a club goal
to have an annual newsletter to report past year's events and announce
new officers.  Such an editor would still be useful to edit on-line
content even if all of our information content was on-line.

Old Business:

12.  The President confirmed that the annual P.O. Box renewal
constituted an ongoing resolution, so its explicit approval each year
was not necessary.

13.  The President opened the floor to discussion about changing the
meeting time again.  The choice of Friday was to accommodate Vice
President Roy Gertig.  However, Roy was not present.  After some
discussion, the President decided to adopt the recommendations of those
present and move the meeting to third Monday of every third month.  Our
next regular meeting will be on Monday, September 16th, 2002 and the
annual meeting will be held on Monday, December 16, 2002.

New Business:

14.  Newly-renewed members Johann Schniedermeier, N0TJQ, and Bonnie
Finn-Schniedermeier, KB0LQP, were welcomed at this time.


15. Paul Schleck moved to adjourn, which was seconded by George
Bellairs.  The motion was approved by voice vote and the meeting was
adjourned at 8:15 pm.

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