Minutes of March 19, 2002 Informational Meeting

1.  On Tuesday, March 19, 2002, in the absence of a quorum, an
informational meeting of the Strategic Air Command Memorial Amateur
Radio Club was convened at 7:35 PM at the Wendy's Restaurant on Galvin
Road in Bellevue, Nebraska.  Secretary Paul Schleck, K3FU, presided.
Others in attendance were Treasurer Joan Bellairs, KC0DTK; Property
Manager George Bellairs, KB0ZZT; and new members Linda Newman, W0NSA;
Bill Newman, K0NSA; and Dick Newsome, W0HXL.  President Darwin Piatt,
W9HZC, and Vice President Roy Gertig, N0RG, were absent.

2.  Past minutes were proofread.  Checking account balances for December
($329.70) and January ($389.70) were provided by the Treasurer and added
by the Secretary to the draft minutes for approval at our next business

3.  The Treasurer reported that our current checking account balance was
$424.70.  This does not include the addition of a $7.50 family
membership for the Newmans (who joined at the meeting) nor the
subtraction of $45 to renew our P.O. Box (to be approved at the next

4.  Members present asked the Secretary to ask the absent President and
Vice President if there is a better day of the week to hold meetings to
minimize schedule conflicts.  The Secretary will follow up with this and
the President will announce any meeting changes at least 30 days in
advance, as required by our By-Laws.

5.  Paul Schleck had some additional club property to hand over to the
Property Manager, but did not have it with him at the meeting.  This
included some significant early correspondence and a recently-published
biography of Arthur Collins donated by Jim Jones, W0NKN.  Paul will give
this property to George at a future date.

6.  Paul passed out a draft roster of SACMARC members and asked for any
corrections.  With the addition of Bill and Linda Newman and Dick
Newsome, we now have 19 members.  Paul will make any corrections and
mail the roster to all members.

7.  Paul Schleck initiated a discussion among the SACMARC members and
our guests (and new members) Bill and Linda Newman, about possible
future events at the Strategic Air and Space Museum (formerly SAC
Museum).  Paul described past exhibits at the Museum such as HF
operations for the defunct Air Force Anniversary QSO Party in September
1999 and 2000.  Paul believes that there is a strong possibility of
convincing Deputy Director Denny Hahn to allow us to set up an exhibit
and demonstration of amateur radio, either for Family Day in July, or at
some other date.

8.  Mark Conner, N9XTN, was not able to make the meeting, so Paul
described his Nebraska Stratospheric Amateur Radio (NSTAR) project.
Mark, a professional meteorologist, has developed a weather
balloon-borne amateur radio platform incorporating weather sensors,
Global Positioning System (GPS), Amateur Position Reporting System
(APRS), and other amateur radio transmitters to remotely sense the upper
layers of the atmosphere.  Mark said that he would likely be too busy to
launch a balloon for us in July, but could be available in September.
Mark is planning for Slow-Scan Television (SSTV) capability later in the
year, though he doesn't have a firm date for this, and thus can't
guarantee its availability for a September launch.  Mark says that the
Museum site at Ashland might not be ideal for a balloon launch, so
remote imaging capability provided by SSTV might help keep the
demonstration entertaining for Museum visitors.  If an NSTAR launch was
demonstrated at the Museum, whether on-site or remotely, it would be
best to combine it with other exhibits and demonstrations as an NSTAR
launch is very sensitive to current weather conditions, and may have to
be scrubbed at the last minute.  Mark said that he does not have a
formal stand-up exhibit, but does have a Powerpoint presentation about
the project and videos of past launches.

9.  Bill Newman showed some photographs of the Aksarben Amateur Radio
Club's exhibit at the "20 Grand" cinema complex for the showing of the
movie "Frequency" a couple of years ago.  The exhibit was very similar
to ones that Aksarben had set up recently at the Omaha Children's Museum
and at "Kids Explore" at the Omaha Civic Auditorium. Bill noted that the
most interesting demonstration for children was SSTV.  Aksarben members
at the exhibit would take SSTV images of children and give the image to
each child on a floppy disk along with information about amateur radio.
Large numbers of surplus 3 1/2" floppy disks were donated by Aksarben
members and their employers.  Adults also found the public service and
weather tracking aspects appealing.  Additional exhibit demonstrations
included HF amateur radio, PSK31, APRS, and an Emergency Weather
Information Network (EMWIN) portable satellite terminal. Paul noted that
this exhibit was a "turnkey" setup that could be easily reproduced at
the Strategic Air and Space Museum.  Both the exhibit equipment and
volunteers could be easily provided by the Askarben Amateur Radio Club.

10.  Paul asked Bill to provide him with computer files of the
photographic images so that he could include them in an informal
proposal letter to Denny Hahn at the Museum.  Paul will report back any
response from Museum officials about this proposed event.

11.  Dick Newsome announced that the Aksarben ARC will be having a picnic
on May 25th at Mahoney State Park at the Lakeside Picnic Shelter.  The
Aksarben club will be selling refreshments.  An entry fee of $2.50 is
required for those who do not already have an annual Nebraska park entry
permit.  Dick also invited the SACMARC to come and operate K0AIR at
their HF station which will be set up for the picnic.  At least two
SACMARC members, George Bellairs and Paul Schleck, plan to be present,
and will bring a copy of the license.

12.  Dick Newsome also said that he was an operator at the original
K0AIR station at Offutt AFB.  He shared with us an interesting story
about the problems installing radios and antennas on base, and how a
fortuitous on-air contact with (then) Lt. Gen. Francis "Butch" Griswold,
K0DWC, cleared many of the political and red-tape obstacles hindering
the operation of K0AIR.  Paul Schleck will follow up with Dick to see if
a written version of the story can be incorporated into the historical
archives section of our Web page.

13.  George Bellairs announced that SACMARC and BARC will be
participating in a joint Field Day effort.  The callsign used will be
that of BARC, W0WYV.  The site that has been used for the past two
years, at Cornhusker and Cedar Island Roads between 25th and 36th
Streets on the north side of Cornhusker by the church, will be used
again this year.  Field Day will be held on June 22nd and 23rd, 2002.

13. The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.

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