Minutes of December 15, 2003 Annual Meeting

Attendance and Quorum:

1. The annual 2003 meeting of the Strategic Air Command Memorial Amateur
Radio Club was called to order at the Golden Corral Restaurant in
Bellevue, Nebraska, by President Darwin Piatt, W9HZC, on December 15,
2003, at 7:05 PM.  Officers present were: President Darwin Piatt, W9HZC;
Vice President Roy Gertig, N0RG; Secretary Andrew Dandridge, KC0BDX;
Treasurer Joan Bellairs, KC0DTK; and Property Manager George Bellairs,
KB0ZZT.  Other members present included Sid Reade, W0WWH, and his wife
Nadeane and Dick Newsome, W0HXL, and his wife Sharon.  Patty Piatt,
Darwin's wife, was a guest.  A quorum was determined to be present.

Officer's Reports:

2. Secretary: Minutes from the September 16, 2003, meeting were read.
The Minutes were approved by voice vote.

3. Treasurer: Our September 2003 bank balance of $429.20 carries over to
December unchanged.  The Treasurer's report was approved by voice

Committee Reports:

4. Events: President Piatt reported that the Special Event Station in
honor of Veteran's Day and the birthday of General Curtis E. LeMay was a
great success.  Two stations were operated.  One was at John Sheffield,
N4OWG's home. Andrew Dandridge, KC0BDX and David Leino, N0PHW assisted
John.  The second station was at Dick Newsome, W0HXL's home. Darwin
Piatt, W9HZC, and George Bellairs, KB0ZZT assisted Dick.  Over 500
contacts were made, and almost 200 QSL cards were received.  Darwin
Piatt and the other SACMARC members will attempt to collect the
necessary cards and submit them to Todd LeMense, KK0DX, for field

5.  Events (continued): President Piatt reported that another attempt
will be made in 2004 for a joint Aksarben/NSTAR/SACMARC amateur radio
demonstration for April, 2004 Family Day at the Strategic Air and Space
Museum in Ashland.

6. Webmaster: President Piatt reported Paul Schleck, K3FU had made
progress in setting up servers at Novia Internetworking (the hosting ISP
for sacmarc.org), particularly to accommodate Darwin's use of Microsoft
Front Page, including its server extensions.

7.  Webmaster (continued): It was also noted that the Novia
Internetworking provides Domain Name Service (DNS) resolution for our
Internet domain (sacmarc.org) as well as file space and server hosting
for our web page (http://www.sacmarc.org).  Novia has provided these
services for the SACMARC for free in the past, and has recently
indicated that it will continue to do so for at least another year.
Novia provides these free services both to support a worthwhile
non-profit local organization, and as a courtesy for Paul Schleck, who
has been a charter subscriber of Novia since 1995.


8.  The annual elections of officers for 2004 were then conducted.  The
nominations, seconds, motion for closing nominations and election by
acclimation, and seconds, are as follows:

President: Dick Newsome, nominated by Darwin Piatt, seconded by Roy
Gertig.  Sid Reade, motion for closing nomination and election by
acclimation by Andrew Dandridge, seconded by George Bellairs.  Motion
passed by unanimous voice vote.

Vice President: Darwin Piatt, nominated by Dick Newsome, seconded by
Joan Bellairs, motion for closing nominations and election by
acclimation by George Bellairs, seconded by Sid Reade.  Motion passed by
unanimous voice vote.

9.  At this point, Darwin Piatt made a motion for the re-election was
made of the current officers: Andrew Dandridge for Secretary; Joan
Bellairs, for Treasurer; and George Bellairs, for Property Manager.
Sidney Reade seconded the motion; a motion for closing nominations and
re-elections by acclimation was made by Dick Newsome, seconded by Roy
Gertig.  Motion passed by unanimous voice vote.

Old Business:


New Business:

10.  The Treasurer collected dues for 2004.  Dues for 2004 are due by
the March meeting to ensure uninterrupted membership and to appear on
the 2004 Roster.


11.  Roy Gertig asked for a motion for adjournment, which was given by
Darwin Piatt and seconded by Sid Reade.  The motion carried by unanimous
voice vote and the meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:30 PM.

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