Minutes of June 17, 2003 Regular Meeting

Attendance and Quorum:

1. On Tuesday, June 17, 2003, President Darwin Piatt, W9HZC, called the
quarterly meeting of the Strategic Air Command Memorial Amateur Radio
Club to order at Wendy's Restaurant in Bellevue at 7:45 PM.  Other
officers present were Treasurer Joan Bellairs, KC0DTK; Secretary Andrew
Dandridge, KC0BDX; and Property Manager George Bellairs, KB0ZZT.  A
quorum was present.

Officer's Reports:

2. Secretary: Minutes from the March 17, 2003 quarterly meeting were
accepted by voice vote of the members present.

3. Treasurer: Our bank balance is $409.20.  The members accepted the
Treasurer's report, and it was approved by voice vote.

Committee Reports:


4. Darwin Piatt reported that SACMARC was planning to operate a special
event station again this year for Veteran's Day, November 11, 2003.
This is based on the tremendous response that SACMARC received for
Veteran's Day 2002.


5. The new web site is now completed.

Old Business:

6.  The biannual SACMARC corporation report had been sent to the
Nebraska Secretary of State.

New Business: None


7.  Darwin Piatt asked for a motion for adjournment, which was given by
George Bellairs and seconded by Andrew Dandridge.  The motion carried by
unanimous voice vote and the meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:25

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