(DRAFT) Minutes of March 15, 2004 Regular Meeting

Attendance and Quorum:

1.  On Monday, March 15, 2004, President Dick Newsome, W0HXL, called
the quarterly meeting of the Strategic Air Command Memorial Amateur
Radio Club to order at the Wendy's Restaurant in Bellevue, Nebraska at
7:38 PM.  Other officers present were: Vice President Darwin Piatt,
W9HZC; Secretary Andrew Dandridge, KC0BDX; Treasurer Joan Bellairs,
KC0DTK; and Property Manager George Bellairs, KB0ZZT.  Other members
present were: Bill McCollum, KE0XQ; James Peterson, KF0FO; Frank
Taylor, AA0ZP; and Bill Venter, KG0AR.  A quorum was present.

Officer's Reports:

2.  Secretary:  Minutes from the December 15, 2003 annual meeting were
accepted by voice vote of the members present.

3.  Treasurer:  Our bank balance is $412.00.  The members accepted the
Treasurer's report, and it was approved by voice vote.  The Treasurer
reported that the club's annual post office box rental fee of $45
was due and would be paid.  Treasurer reported that the club needed to
re-order new checks for $15 because of a name change of the bank.
Also reported was the upcoming payment of the corporation fee of $20
to the Nebraska Secretary of State.

Committee Reports: None

4.  Sarpy County is scheduled for its annual Severe Weather Siren Test
on April 3 at 10:00 AM.  Based on past history, Sarpy County generally
has soundings at 10:00 and 10:30 AM.  All area amateur radio operators
are encouraged to help in this vital effort.  Hams should contact the
Sarpy County Volunteer Communications Coordinator, Ron Clark, N0POM,
to signup for this public service event.

5.  Webmaster:  Full rollout of the new web site has been completed.

6.  Courtesy:  No cards were sent.

Old Business: None

New Business:

1.  There was discussion among the members present that SACMARC should
look into having a second special event annually besides the highly
successful Veteran's Day operation in November each year.  There
was a suggestion that the club should pursue running a special event
on Armed Forces Day.  Members were asked to report their interest in
doing this to the President or Vice President.

2.  The President asked the Vice President to begin the normal
announcements of the Veterans Day special event.  There was discussion
about whether 20 meters would be the best amateur band for the
Veterans Day special event in light of the declining propagation due
to the low end of the sun cycle.  Maybe announcing that the club would
operate on 40 or 80 meters if 20 meters was too noisy.  This will be
pursued and the final decision made in time for the formal
announcement to the amateur publications.


Dick Newsome asked for a motion for adjournment, which was given by
George Bellairs and seconded by Joan Bellairs.  The motion carried by
unanimous voice vote and the meeting was adjourned at 8:27 PM.

Andrew Dandridge

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