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The Strategic Air Command Memorial Amateur Radio Club (SACMARC), Incorporated, is a Non-Profit, Public Benefit Corporation in the State of Nebraska and is affiliated with the American Radio Relay League, Incorporated, of Newington, Connecticut. The purpose of the corporation is to preserve the communications history of the Strategic Air Command and United States Air Force through amateur radio by a variety of lawful means. A historic military-recreation callsign (formerly associated with Headquarters SAC, Offutt Air Force Base, near Omaha, Nebraska), KØAIR, as well as the personal callsign of General Curtis E. LeMay when he was the CINCSAC, KØGRL, were recovered from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in order to serve as a living exhibit of both past and present amateur radio communications.

A Bullet Background Paper, prepared both as part of a coordination package for the former CINCSTRAT (General Eugene E. Habiger) and for the benefit of Board Members of the SAC Museum and Society of SAC, is also available.

An excellent article in May 1997 QST, Page 43, by Dr. Charles Keene (independent of our efforts) nicely documents SAC communications history, and some of the people and amateur radio callsigns behind it.

One of our contacts during the B-29 Special Event, Chuck Sudds, KØTVD, sent us an interesting personal account of his Vietnam-era (1967-1969) memories of running overseas telephone patches for the Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS). He served as one of the operators at KR6CF in Okinawa, Japan, and recalls not only KØAIR's strong signal into the Pacific Rim on HF, but also a frequent operator of that station, a helpful airman named "Al" (his full name, unfortunately, lost to history).

We welcome all sincerely interested individuals to become members, whether active duty members or veterans of any branch of the Armed Forces, or just members of the local community with an interest in preserving military communications history.

The mailing list continues to be vital to the SACMARC as an avenue of informal communications, particularly about late-breaking events, to supplement our formal, quarterly, in-person business meetings.

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