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Operation from SAC Museum in Ashland, Nebraska for 1999 USAF Anniversary QSO Party

On September 18th and 19th, 1999, the SACMARC operated from the SAC Museum. We set up in the corner of the left-side hangar (under the refueling boom of the KC-97). We had a modestly successful operation, with about 175-200 radio contacts from our station (KØAIR) and a modest amount of interaction with the general public. Notable stations contacted included:

  • K5TYP, Keesler AFB, MS
  • K1AIR, Otis AFB (now Reserve base), MA
  • K8AIR, Michigan

We believe we again placed first in Nebraska (we'll know for sure when we submit the logs to be scored). We had good performance on all HF bands from a G5RV on a 30-foot tower fed into an open-wire tuner (designed and set up by Fred Eriksen).

Special thanks go to:

  • SAC Museum Assistant Director Denny Hahn
  • SAC Museum Building Manager Steve Prall
  • SAC Museum Staff Member Doug (?)

as well as the following SACMARC members and friends:

Fred Eriksen (G5RV antenna)
Mark and Sonya Fitzgerald (setup/teardown, additional tower, computer and logging support, participation all weekend, meeting and greeting)
John Sheffield (setup/teardown, additional antenna, some operation, computer and logging support, meeting and greeting, participation most of the weekend)
Andrew Dandridge (setup/teardown and some operation)
George Bellairs (setup/teardown, some operation, delivery and retrieval of club publicity material and archival documents for display, participation most of the weekend, loan of VHF/UHF radio and antenna)
Frank Taylor (teardown and much of the HF operation on Sunday using his own radio equipment)
John Schiedermeier (setup/teardown and some HF operation, participation all weekend, including Friday setup, meeting and greeting)
Sid and Nadeane Reade (setup/teardown presence, meeting and greeting, participation most of the weekend, including Friday setup)
Bruce Peterson (some participation and operation on Sunday)
Alan Goff (setup and initial operation on Saturday)
Jim Jones (participation on Sunday, some military Collins radio equipment for display)

as well as anyone we may have forgotten. The impressive amount of team effort was very helpful in making this a smooth, safe, and successful field operation. We'd especially like to thank those that pitched in to quickly disassemble our antennas and towers on Sunday afternoon in that sudden downpour (and threat of lightning). Let's try to do this again next year, perhaps with the General LeMay callsign (KØGRL).

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